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The Walking Dead, by Telltale, stood game of the year in 2012 by the PC & Xbox community. The Walking Dead is now available for PS3 ROMS & IOS to download free.


The Walking Dead game was based on the same book the TV series was based upon – The Walking Dead comic book. Telltale adopted a sequel system and released season 1 of the game between April and November of 2012: consisting of 15 episodes. 

The game takes place in the same descriptive world as in the comic book. TWD revolves around a character named Lee who is being transported in a sheriff’s car when they are exposed to a zombie virus-affected walker, that rolls the car over. The game continues further as Lee breaks free and meets Clementine and makes sense of the situation. 

The game is categorized as a horror and adventure game, that involves multiple jump-scares and choices to choose from, in a very short limited period. The game holds onto the user’s attention grip by engaging gamers in situations. You need to follow the storyline and be bold about any character’s view because you might need to choose between characters to save their lives – and it is going to be one of them. The choices you make are ripples that flow along with the storyline till the end. Even at the end of season 1, your choices are saved: to be integrated with season 2’s storyline. So be cautious about your character as you play.

Why this game:

Games are categorized in the top lists based on the gaming experience, irrespective of that extra sharp edge clarity in graphics – it depends more upon the user experience and how it engages gamers into the flow of time. The trivia is important as users accumulate their pieces of interest into the gaps of the game. 

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Telltale Games


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Adventure, Horror, Thriller, Drama



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Do we have to download all episodes of The Walking Dead at once?

    It is not necessary to download all episodes at once. But if the compressed file consists of all episodes, it is better.

  • How do our choices affect the flow of The Walking Dead?

    Your choices leave an impact on other in-game virtual colleagues, and they might bring it up again or hold it in as a grudge against you. This might affect your company.

  • How long is The Walking Dead game?

    You can play it straight non-stop for one and a half-day. But we would suggest that you rest.

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