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Spartan: Total Warrior is a hack-and-slash spin-off action game of the Novel Total War series. It was developed by The Creative Assembly and published by Sega, released in 2005 on Xbox, PlayStation 2, and GameCube. The game consists of 14 different levels, in which the player: a lone Spartan fights against Roman Empire alongside his Greek Allies, guided by Ares.

While the previous installments of the Total War series were greatly focused on history and legendary scenarios, Spartan: Total Warrior is more liberal in its methodology towards history, drawing components from the Greek and Roman folklore, and shares its mythology with God of War. It is likewise the only installment in the series so far to be delivered for consoles, and not for a PC framework.


Spartan: Total Warrior is a fast hack and slash gameplay. The player uses two main types of attack: a simple attack that damages one enemy, and a radial attack that damages multiple enemies covering a significant area around The Spartan. The simple attack is fast-paced and brings about most of the damage, whereas the radial attack is slow-paced, but shoots down multiple enemies at a time with moderate power. The player plays with multiple weapons, and each weapon has a special magic power.

The Spartan has some Greek partners who help him in his fights, and they play a significant role in the destiny of every mission. At the point when the player’s rage meter fills, he can use powerful attacks with every weapon which causes a great deal of damage. The player can likewise utilize the ‘ ‘power of the gods’ ‘ the point at which the magic tank is full, and can utilize a straightforward or radical attack. The battle is centered on enormous fights with numerous warriors and the player will frequently take on scores of enemies immediately. Amidst the fight, a little flash is set on an attacking enemy’s weapon to demonstrate the risk of a looming strike.


Activision Sega
size1.24 GB
Release dateEU: October 7, 2005
NA: October 25, 2005


Is Spartan Total Warrior backward compatible?

Spartan Total Warrior is not backwards compatible.

How long is Spartan Total Warrior?

Combining main story, main plus extras, completionists, and all playstyles, it takes about 61 hrs to beat it in single-player mode.

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