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Resident Evil: Outbreak a survival horror video game, released initially in 2003, was developed by Capcom Production Studios. It is the first series in the Resident Evil installment to feature cooperative gameplay and online multiplayer support. Online support was, however, not available for PAL versions of the game.

In multiplayer mode, up to four players can play at one time in one scenario; alternatively, in single-player mode, the player is assisted by two AI-controlled characters. The episodic storyline takes place in a zombie-inhabited Raccoon City. Resident Evil Outbreak launches’ ‘Virus Gauge ’, which is a gauge that restricts players’ time spent on a single scenario.

The Virus gauge changes at a different rate for a different scenario and changes rapidly if the player is attacked or crawls on the ground. However, the game lost all online play capabilities for USA servers in 2007, and ultimately the Japanese servers went down in 2011. The outbreak was followed by a standalone expansion titled Resident Evil Outbreak: File # 2. 


The outbreak begins a few days after the original T-virus outbreak in Raccoon City, just as the crisis is about to spiral out of control. The game begins with 8 characters in a bar, unaware of what’s happening until a zombie wanders into the bar and attacks one of the employees, named Will. Now, these 8 characters must make it through the city for survival. The player controls one of the eight characters along with AI-controlled supported characters who can be selected in their place. Gameplay events spread over a couple of days and transpire across the various regions of Raccoon City.

The game consists of five individual situations, none of which are in chronological order. The first outbreak takes place when the cops prepare to use explosives to extinguish the zombie horde at the start of the outbreak. ‘Below Freezing point’ takes place in the former underground library of Umbrella, where Monica, a former rogue virologist, attempts to steal bioweapons and deal with her former co-worker, Yoko Suzuki.

The Hive involves the survivors taking sanctuary in the Raccoon General Hospital, as it is under attack by a colony of infected leeches. Hellfire happens on the same day as Outbreak. Survivors retreat into the Apple Inn hotel, which is on fire and swarming with lickers. The final scenario, “Decisions, Decisions,” leads the survivors to Raccoon City University where eight different characters must make a wise decision to survive the university’s perplexed secrets, and must then flee the city before it is destroyed.


size2.91 GB
Release date2003


Can you still play Resident Evil Outbreak?

The fan-made server is still available on the internet and you can play it there.

Will there be a Resident Evil Outbreak remake?

Capcom’s Resident Evil is one of the most acknowledged survival-horror video games in history, but they’re less likely to be any remake being made. 

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