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Mortal Kombat: Armageddon is the seventh installment of the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise. In 2006, the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions of the game were published. Almost every character from the previous games appears in this game.

Many of the gameplay elements from prior Mortal Kombat games are present. From a sequence of horrific strikes, players can now design their own Fatality. The story-based Konquest mode from Deception is also included, with the player taking on the role of warrior Taven.


Delia, a witch in Edenia, gets a vision of the future in which the forces of good and evil would fight it out in a Mortal Kombat-style ultimate battle that will end all realms. In the future, Taven’s dragon Orin awakens him in Earthrealm and informs him that he and Daegon would be competing on their mission. . Taven battles multiple Black Dragon members as well as unknown red warriors. When Fujin warns Taven to return to Edenia, he is forced to confront him.

Taven defeats the wind god grudgingly and travels to the Red Dragon fortress, where he encounters Daegon, who is now much older. Despite their reunion, Daeg reveals himself as the Red Dragon’s leader and his plan. Taven discovers Orin mortally wounded in Orin’s cave and travels to the Outworld via Quan Chi’s portal. In Outworld, he arrives at Shao Khan’s palace and is met by Raiden.

Raiden confesses that he has made a pact with Shao Khan to help him in exchange for the independence of Earthrealm. In the crater, all of the warriors are playing Mortal Kombat. Only Taven and Daegon are supposed to defeat Blaze and bring the quest to a close.

Taven loses faith in the quest and refuses to continue unless Blaze tells him the truth. Taven journeys through a portal to confront Blaze, reclaiming his sword from his fallen brother. Taven defeats Blaze and ascends to the position of Elder God.


PublisherMidway Games
RegionEU, US
size2.08 GB
Release dateNA: October 11, 2006
EU: October 27, 2006


Who survived MK Armageddon?

Raiden was the one who survived the race before he was shot down by Shao Khan. The second one to survive was Shan Tsung who was about to reach the top but was presumably shot down by zombified.

Who is the main villain in Mortal Kombat Armageddon?

Daegon, a male fighter,  is the main villain in MK Armageddon. He is also the main antagonist in MK Armageddon.

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