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God of War, launched in 2005 for PS-2, is still strong on the leading boards. To experience the thrill of God of War (PS2), we got a free-to-play PS-2 ROM & ISO.


God of War is an actionadventure game made by David Jaffe at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE). It started in 2005 on the PlayStation 2 (PS2) video for amusement and thrill and has ended up a lead title for the PlayStation brand. The gameplay of God of War centers on combo-based combat, accomplished through the player’s fundamental weapon—the Blades of Chaos—and an auxiliary weapon procured afterward within the amusement. It highlights quick-time occasions that require the player to totally different diversion controller activities in a planned arrangement to vanquish more grounded foes and bosses. The player can utilize up to four mysterious assaults and a power-enhancing capacity as an elective combat alternative. 


God of War revolves around the leading character Kratos on the screen. In the game–God of War–Kratos is a warrior who serves the Greek divine beings of Olympus. A throwback uncovers that he was once a fruitful but ruthless captain within the Spartan army. Kratos led his army and men to tremendous victories and wins before he was defeated by a ruthless and barbarian king. Kratos, on the edge to accept the defeat, called upon the God of War, Ares, whom he guaranteed to serve on the off chance that the god would save his men and give the control to overwhelm their rivals. Ares agreed and bonded the Blades of Chaos, a combine of chained edges manufactured within the depths of Tartarus, to his new servant or worshiper; Kratos. Kratos, prepares with the edges, and penetrates the enemy defenses, and beheaded the ruthless ruler.


The hero of the game is Kratos, voiced by Terrence C. Carson, a Spartan warlord, warrior, and leader who serves the Olympian Divine Gods. Kratos defeated various armies along with his men and armies. Other characters incorporate a host of Greek divine beings, such as Athena–voiced by Carole Ruggier–the Goddess of Wisdom and Kratos’ partner and guide; Poseidon, the God of the Sea; Aphrodite, the Goddess of Cherish and Sexuality; Zeus, the Ruler of the Gods; Ares, the God of War and primary adversary. Other characters show up in flashbacks, counting Kratos’ spouse Lysandra, his girl Calliope, the Brute Ruler, and a Town Prophet. The game is described by Linda Chase.


Under the title Dark Odyssey, Santa Monica started working on the game God of War in 2002. Also, they joined hands with SCE and GameSpot. The game developers mentioned the news that the final part of God of War would include various multiple attacks of the main weapon of Kratos. GameSpot described, as per God of War’s developers, that the game is an integration of Devil May Cry and Ico–actions and puzzles. The developers have purposefully made the game seem lethal in combat, like ripping enemies in half, to engage the gamers with a sense of awe.




SCEA, Sony


World wide


Action, Adventure, Thriller


6 GB

Release date

March 2005
God of War | PS2 ROMs and IOS | Download and play for FREE

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • What are the differences between the Censored European Version and the US Version?

    Due to the brutality of the God of War game, it was brought up as an issue in European release. This made the developers censor the cutscenes, to make them less brutal and lethal.

  • What is the best Armor in God of War?

    There is no ‘best armor’ in the game. Although, you should swap around armors as you progress in the game.

  • What’s up with Bladur?

    He is the first and most important enemy you encounter. His mysterious situation is the reason why people have asked for him. Well, he’s always hunting for Kratos and Atreus.

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