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The single-person shooting experience of Far Cry 3 is unparalleled realistic. Far Cry 3 is now available for PS3 ROMs players. Get your Far Cry 3 PS3 ROMS and IOS here.


Far Cry 3 is a first-person shooter created by Ubisoft Montreal and also published and monetized by the owning company – Ubisoft. It is the third sequel in the Far Cry series. The game is centered upon fictional characters and fictional whereabouts know as Rook Islands, a tropical archipelago that players can unreservedly investigate and explore. The game is adventurous and comprises of the skill set of leadership and focus combined to keep a steady walkthrough. Players can utilize an assortment of weapons to vanquish in-game enemies and antagonistic natural life. After an excursion goes astray from expectations, hero Jason Brody – the main character – takes matters into his own hands and decides to rescue and extract from the Rocky Islands, which is heavily under control by pirate lord Vaas Montenegro.


On a vacation with his friends, to Rocky Islands, Jason Brody celebrates his younger brother’s confirmation for a pilot’s license – when his brother flies the plane to Rocky Islands between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. It is not late when they realize that Island is inhabited by local gangsters, who are heavily armed and guarded by pirate lord Vaas Montenegro, who captures all of the members on the trip, and plans to sell them in slavery. Jason Brody then takes the charge and decided to free all of his companions from lord Vass, after he is broken out of custody by a Rakyat clan’s member: Dennis. Along with Denis, Jason helps him on various missions which help him lead to his friend Daisy. Moreover, Jason also takes part in several missions with the Rakyat tribe to undertake lord Vass and rescues his captive girlfriend and friends including Keith and Oliver. 

He also assists the Rakyat’s clan to reclaim and take back their control on the Island, as they are the true habitats of the Island, with the help of Dr. Earnhardt and CIA agent Will Huntley

The story further falls under the gamer’s interest when Jason unfolds the truth that lord Vass is the brother of Citra – the leader of the Rakyat clan. 


Ubisoft Montreal served as the game’s lead designer and was mindful of making the game single-player. It was a worldwide generation that included different Ubisoft studios. West Studio made early concept craftsmanship for the game. The game’s pre-production begun in 2008, and more than 90 individuals worked on the game. Far Cry 3 was at first arranged to make a single cohesive account with the past installments of the arrangement, even though this was surrendered when the game’s advancement was in part restarted in 2010 due to the take-off of several imaginative staff counting the first inventive executive and story executive.






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Far Cry 3 | PS3 ROMS & ISO | Download and play for FREE

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Why this game:

Far Cry 3 is a recommended game for gamers, not because of a personal choice only, but also due to its wide acceptance globally. Far Cry 3 has gained a reputation after winning the following awards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Are there gorilla monsters in this one?

    No, there are no gorillas in the game but you may find a variety of different animals to hunt around the game.

  • Will there be respawning enemy checkpoints in far cry 3 as seen in far cry 2?

    No, but it is the exact opposite. The places you secure in Far Cry 3 are secure and safe. 

  • Will factions for which you’re doing a mission recognize you or will they shoot at you as well like in Far Cry 2?

    No, they treat you as a non-threat. But be careful, in some cases, they feel the threat and act accordingly.

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